Brazilian Butt Lift Atlanta

Many women will try nearly anything to achieve the perfect behind. Why? A full behind is considered not only attractive, but also a symbol of fitness and sensuality. Unfortunately, not all behinds are created equal, and if heredity, weight changes, or simply age is keeping your backside from becoming one of your best assets, then a Brazilian butt lift in our Atlanta office may be the answer. Also known as buttock augmentation, a Brazilian butt lift can give you the curvy behind you desire.

Fat Grafting and the Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift takes advantage of an increasingly popular and advantageous procedure known as fat grafting, which is the transfer of living tissue from one part of the body to another. In the case of a Brazilian butt lift, the patient’s harvested fat is usually taken from the abdomen, flanks, and thighs using a process called liposuction.

The fat is then processed for purification and injected into the patient’s buttocks. Extracting a patient’s own body fat and injecting it into another area to enhance and fill the buttocks has one distinct advantage: Your body will have no problem accepting the recently inserted fat cells because they originated 100% from you.

Compared to more traditional buttocks implants, fat grafting is safer and requires less operating time. That’s not all. Compared to implants, the Brazilian butt lift has less post-op discomfort and requires minimal recovery time, which means you can return to your normal schedule relatively soon.

Brazilian Butt Lift Options

Three types of buttock enhancement procedures are available, and each one designed to address the specific needs of the patient.

  • Fat Transfer: Sometimes, your buttocks simply needs additional volume. If that is the case, we may choose to increase the size of your behind by adding fat obtained from other areas of your own body using liposuction. We first remove excess fat from the harvest location – such as your abdomen, flanks, and thighs – and then we inject that fat into your buttocks. With this procedure, you not only get the ideal backside contour using your own fat, but you also improve one or more other problem areas from which the fat is harvested.
  • Surgical Lift: If your buttocks has plenty of volume, but it is either sagging or is flattened look, then you may be a good candidate for a surgical lift. This procedure redistributes your existing fat and lifts a drooping behind, and it can also even out surface imperfections. The result is a toned, smooth, and backside.
  • Fat Transfer/Surgical Lift Combination: If you desire a fuller behind, but also have imperfections of shape and tone that require correction, we can combine the fat transfer procedure with a surgical lift. This combination procedure is performed during one operation, and the result is increased volume, a smoother rear end, and a curvier behind that will enhance your silhouette, as well as the fit of your jeans.

What to Expect After Surgery

The typical recovery time for butt lift surgery is two to three weeks. You will not be able to sit during this time, as it can have adverse effects on your butt lift. You can expect soreness during the recovery period, both from the donor site (where the fat was harvested) and also from the bottom region.

You should be able to return to work within a couple weeks after surgery.

For the first month after your surgery, you’ll need to take care when moving, increasing your activity level slowly so as not to put strain on your incision line, which could cause your wound to re-open.

Scheduling a Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation in Atlanta

If you’re tired of doing an endless number of squats all in the name of trying to sculpt a sexy backside, then a Brazilian butt lift consultation might be in order. Our Atlanta patients who choose a Brazilian butt lift often tell us that the procedure has made them feel more attractive than ever. To determine which Brazilian butt lift procedure is best for you, schedule a confidential consultation in our Atlanta-area office by calling 678.807.4331.
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