Doctors Anonymous, Interlude to Part 2

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So I removed the electrodes and cut wires, and I sincerely apologize to my patient for having had this experience.

“This has never happened before, Dr. Val. I’m sorry,” the nurse tells me. Never one to be at a lost for words, I express my disappointment. I share my thoughts and questions as to why this happened. And I end the conversation with my 2020 theme: “The craziest part about 2020 hasn’t been the pandemic, it’s been the opportunity for us to truly see ourselves and others as who they really are.”

Well here is why I’m sitting in DA today. I’m sorry has never been good enough to me because they are action-less words. Mea culpas roll off the tongues of some with such ease. But are you (they) really sorry?

I like actions. I like plans. Plans ensure success. Plans ensure changes are made to ensure I’m sorries won’t be needed for repeat scenarios.

I like plans because change means you ARE sorry.

Apologies without plans of actions are just words. Empty words. But here is the amazing part that many don’t understand. Words lead to change. So I’m sorry followed by “this is what we are going to do” followed by “how was your patient and your experience after the next case” would have been more than an adequate I’m sorry. But instead, this is what happened.

Tune in next week for the next episode of Doctors Anonymous.