Happy new year! So what’s the plan for 2018!? New year, new you?

We are only five days into 2018, but you have likely already been bombarded by advertisements from the gym, your hairdresser/stylist, and, of course, your neighborhood plastic surgeon. As you list your resolutions and prepare to make this year the best year, you may be considering improvements in your health and wellness. Many of us commit to working out more, drinking more water, and taking better care of ourselves. Here is a short list to help you endure.

  1. Set small goals and remember that movement – even small steps – equals progress.
  2. A more beautiful you is more than just outer appearance. Take time to love yourself more and do things that help make you happy.
  3. Spend more time with people who make you laugh (don’t worry, laugh lines can be softened with filler 😉).
  4. Yes it’s a new year, but the old you was wonderful. Take steps to improve yourself, but don’t re-invent the wheel, if the wheel is functional!
  5. Life is a journey over many years, not just one. So don’t stress about the new year, just enjoy it, but don’t forget a retinol and sunscreen to keep you looking, forever young.