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You watch what you eat, you exercise regularly, and you hit your goal weight months ago. If you’re like many Atlanta-area men and women who have opted for a tummy tuck, it’s probably because when the weight came off, the skin remained. This is a common problem that is often associated with massive weight loss, and it can be an unflattering problem. Skin that hangs on your belly can affect your self-esteem and also dictate the clothes you not only wear, but are afraid to wear.

So, if you think that a couple hundred crunches a day – or some miracle stomach cream – will eventually rid yourself of excess stomach skin, then you are certainly going to be disappointed. Only a tummy tuck will give you the stomach of your dreams – one that is flat and well contoured.

Medically called an abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck has been a common body contouring procedure for women in Atlanta for years. Recently, though, it has become increasingly popular for men, too. It’s not surprising, because men, like women, desire an improved, youthful abdominal contour, whether to correct changes of aging or after weight loss.

Chances are, if you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck, then you may also be interested in additional combination surgeries, including liposuction. Regardless of which abdominoplasty procedure you choose – we offer a full tummy tuck, a mini-abdominoplasty, and lipo-abdominoplasty – this is truly a transformative procedure. In fact, once they see their results, many patients tell us how they wish they had scheduled their surgery sooner.

Tummy Tuck Options

A full tummy tuck involves removal of excess lower skin, tightening of the muscles, and repositioning of the belly button. A mini-abdominoplasty simply involves removal of excess skin in the lower abdomen.

Lipo-abdominoplasty involves a combination of liposuction of the trunk, combined with a tummy tuck, and is a procedure that results in improved waist definition, as well as contouring of the upper abdomen. Previously, combining liposuction with abdominoplasty was considered a risky procedure; however, with improved preservation of the blood supply to the abdominal skin, it has proven an extremely safe and effective procedure. In many ways, the lipo-abdominoplasty approach to contouring of the trunk is less invasive than other techniques.

Whether a full tummy tuck, a mini-abdominoplasty, or lipo-abdominoplasty, the results will be a flat stomach with no rolls or bulges. Now that you’ve dropped the weight, you deserve the figure of your dreams.

What to Expect During and After Surgery

Our tummy tuck procedures are performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. In some cases, you might be given an analgesic and be moderately sedated. During the procedure, you might be given an antibiotic to prevent infection. The procedure typically takes about one and one-half to three hours.

After a tummy tuck, your abdominal incision and your belly button will likely be covered with surgical dressing. A drain is often placed to promote healing without fluid in the area.

You’ll likely feel moderate pain, which will be controlled by pain medication. It’s normal to have swelling in the surgical area for about six weeks. In some cases, swelling might take up to three months to resolve.

You’ll be required to wear a supportive abdominal garment (abdominal binder) for about six to eight weeks after your tummy tuck. This will help prevent fluid buildup and provide abdominal support while you heal.

For the first six weeks after a tummy tuck, you’ll need to somewhat limit activity, such as vigorous exercise and heavy lifting.

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Dr. Sybile Val has helped many Atlanta-area women improve their appearance with cosmetic and plastic surgery. She is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon dedicated to providing her patients with compassionate care in a private, warm, and safe environment.  Dr. Val believes in providing all of her patients with a detailed and thorough evaluation, where questions are not only encouraged, but also expected. To schedule a confidential tummy tuck consultation in our Atlanta-area office, call 470.381.6500 or submit the form on this page.

“I was comfortable from the moment I sat down with Dr. Val. I had discussed what I was interested in and she reassured me that it was possible and that I shouldn’t be nervous about the procedure. She gave me all of the information and let me know what to expect and gave me time to consider if that was what I wanted to move forward with. There was support throughout the entire process even more support than I expected. And as a result, immediately after, my confidence soared. I would like to give a huge thank you to Dr Val for helping me get me back.”

I can’t say thank you enough to Dr. Val for helping me achieve a vision that I thought was lost – my pre-baby belly. For years I accepted that this will be the best it would look. I was wrong! Dr. Val was realistic, understanding, and skillful from beginning to end. She was easy to talk to and had equal concern for my outcome. She made having my procedure one of the best things I could have ever done for myself. Thank you again, Dr.Val!

I went to see Dr. Val for filler and Botox. Overall, I must say that my experience was great. Dr. Val made me feel at ease and my results were amazing. My lips were perfect and Dr. Val was able to give my eyebrow a lift that was very nicely done.


I was so nervous about getting my reconstruction after my mastectomy. Dr. Val you guided me through the process, answering all my questions and telling me what to expect every step of the way. From my heart I say thank you. You are the best. I’m feeling like a women again, and I can smile again because of you.


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